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Bodhi Dharma Tours designs and delivers transformative travel experiences for wanderlusts enchanted to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Our approach is to understand your truest wishes and desires in experiencing Bhutan to create a special itinerary that is tailor-made to your preferences, highly immersive and vibrant to keep you engrossed, and faultlessly fulfills all of your great imaginations of the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Why Travel With Us?

Tailor-made Travel

Bodhi Dharma follows a diligent process that takes every care to create your ideal travel experience. From the beginning, we answer your inquiries with celerity and provide you with well-informed advice in order for you to discern your travel interests and aspirations. We then build your itinerary from scratch, tailored to your interests and incorporating all of your requests. We take care of all of the logistics of your entire trip and remain by your side, offering round-the-clock assistance and companionship to ensure you trip is both safe and relaxing.

Journey beyond Travel

We take pride in our ability to provide travelers with complete and authentic experiences with the support of our network of contacts. Travelers are guided by guides who boast years of field experience and thrilling insider information as well as, other skilled local contacts who add value to your travel experience with their expertise in traditional arts and customs. Bodhidharma aspires to offer an experience that is not confined to travel and promotes a personal journey that will inspire you to forge new friendships, acquire valuable awareness, and discover renewed meaning to life.

Exceptional Service

Our team is dedicated to handling your journey to Bhutan with the most sedulous care, paying attention to every detail and ensuring to satisfy all your needs, from the time of your first inquiry till your departure. We are composed of passionate travel experts with years of experience, extensive knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to hospitality to cater to you a seamless travel and an unforgettable trip.

Unique Accommodations

We keep your trip exciting with a variety of activities and place you in a range of interesting accommodations as you traverse across different destinations.

Luxuriate in the indulging comforts of Bhutan’s best-rated hotels such as the architecturally marvelous Zhiwaling Hotel, or the spectacular Taj Tashi, or the stunning Amankora lodges

Spend your time in absolute relaxation in a sublime and sustainable eco-lodge surrounded by pristine nature. Appreciate conservation-friendly hospitality and attain a unique nature-based experience

Experience unparalleled Bhutanese hospitality with a homestay in the Himalayas. Enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, delve in the charming customs of rural life, and immerse in the tranquility of the remote countryside to acquire a truly traditional experience.

Complete your wilderness adventures by unwinding inside a deluxe camping accommodation equipped with impressive facilities such as spacious walk-in tents, comfortable camp beds, dining tent complete with armchairs as well as a toilet tent. Enjoy a delicious campfire prepared meal and sleep underneath the mesmeric scene of thousands of shining stars.